The last piece in the peace puzzle slots in, and the message is complete

Peace and pieces win award

Leonie MacGregor with the award

A video recorded and edited on a tablet has won the grand prize in Federation’s Sam Lewis Peace and Environment Awards.

Armidale City Public School’s class 5/6 Mac based their entry for the Year 3–6 category on the saying “If everyone does their bit…peace is indivisible”. A blank puzzle was decorated by the class’s artists before the recording was made. Within three minutes the students fight over the jigsaw pieces, in an effort to put the puzzle back together ahead of their teacher returning, then realise teamwork and cooperation will help them reach their goal faster.

Teacher Leonie MacGregor accepted the $500 prize at Federation’s November Council.

First prize winner in the K–2 category is Bethra Sultana at Matthew Pearce PS.

The Year 7-10 category has joint winners: the year 9 song writing and performance class at Blaxland High School and Saw Mo from Warrawong Intensive English Centre. Aman Kumar from Blacktown Boys HS won the Years 11–12 category.