Life memberships at Woodenbong

Stewart Grimmett, Barbara and Bryan Burke, Ian Geyer

Ian Geyer, Stewart Grimmett, Barbara and Bryan Burke received life membership of Woodenbong TA in a ceremony attended by about 60 staff, students, family and community members. The four teachers have collectively given over 100 years of service to public education and Federation, for the most part in the little community of Woodenbong. Federation General Secretary John Dixon, Vice President Tim Mulroy and Organiser Marty Wheatley attended, and Mr Dixon shared some personal memories of his time with Mr Geyer as university students.

Bryan Burke has been a Fed Rep and attended state Council. Both he and Barb Burke have been representatives on the Central Schools Committee. Barb is a mentor to beginning teachers. Stewart Grimmett’s work at Woodenbong Central School's agriculture department saw it become a Centre of Excellence from the early 1990s. Ian Geyer, who became deputy principal in 2008, was instrumental in setting up Indigenous Studies at the school, with the Githabul language being taught by elders. He is on Federation’s Aboriginal Members Committee and served as Association Treasurer for 15 years. “These members have been a vital part of our Association for many years, mentoring staff and giving credibility to our cause,” Woodenbong TA President and Fed Rep Janelle Lee said.