Federation team for Quality Teaching Council elections

Breadth of experience

Nicole Calnan
Membership and Training Officer

Elections for the Quality Teaching Council of the Board of Studies, Teaching and Educational Standards (BOSTES) are underway. Ballot papers will be posted in the coming weeks to registered voters. Federation members are being urged to vote for the Federation-endorsed candidates in these elections. The Quality Teaching Council (QTC) plays a pivotal role in shaping the future of the teaching profession in NSW through its direct involvement in developing teacher accreditation.

The QTC consists of 10 members appointed by the Minister for Education and 10 elected accredited teachers practising in NSW from all types of schools across the state, including government and non-government, rural and metropolitan schools. Of the 10 members to be elected, five teachers, along with one primary principal and one secondary principal to be elected, are to come from public (government) schools. It is understood at the time of printing that an election for the two government principal representatives will not be required.

The NSW Electoral Commission will send ballot papers to all accredited teachers and those existing teachers who registered to vote on Thursday, October 29. The ballot will close at noon on Wednesday, November 25.

Federation pre-selected a team of rank-and-file school teachers for the ballot. Federation’s team represents a breadth of experience across the public education system with experience across a range of settings. All our candidates have strong professional as well as industrial and union credentials. Statements supporting their candidature can be found below.

The election for the representatives on the QTC is extremely important.

Voting will be “optional preferential”. Federation encourages members to support the Federation-endorsed candidates and then number all squares after considering the supporting statements provided by other candidates.

  1. Tim Mortimer (Keira High School)
  2. Carly-Jane Boreland (Elizabeth Macarthur High School)
  3. Kelly Anderson (Rooty Hill High School)
  4. Bianca Marie Low (Dulwich Hill Public School)
  5. Alex Lau (Burwood Public School)

Then number all other squares.

QTC candidate profiles 2015

Tim Mortimer

I am standing for election to the BOSTES Quality Teaching Council as I feel I would be an asset in representing government school teachers within the Council. I have worked as a casual, temporary and permanent teacher in rural, remote and metropolitan school locations and am currently working as a Relieving Country Organiser for Federation.

I have a keen interest in the accreditation process, having worked closely with accredited teachers in the gaining and maintaining of accreditation process.

I have coordinated and presented numerous professional learning seminars on accreditation, including seminars in Sydney, Orange, Bathurst and Lithgow. I have a keen interest in the accreditation’s role in raising the quality of teaching and learning in classrooms across the state through the implementation of the BOSTES Professional Teaching Standards and the Performance and Development Framework.

I have worked closely with school staff members, including teacher mentors and principals, in their role as the Teacher Accreditation Authority delegate in the accreditation process as well as assisting their understanding of the Professional Teaching Standards used within the Performance and Development Framework.

Through my roles as Relieving Federation Organiser, Federation Representative and Association Councillor, I have been able to work closely with teachers in understanding their concerns regarding the implementation of BOSTES changes.

Through these experiences I feel I would make positive contributions to the QTC in communicating and resolving concerns as a representative of government school teachers.

Carly-Jane Boreland

Carly-Jane Boreland is an endorsed candidate of the NSW Teachers Federation in this election. She is an elected member of the BOSTES Quality Teaching Council (2013-2015), Initial Teacher Education Committee and the year 11-12 History Curriculum Committee.

Carly-Jane has been head teacher HSIE and LOTE in south-western Sydney since 2012. She is a graduate of the universities of Sydney and Wollongong and her first appointment was to the Illawarra through the Department’s Targeted Graduate program. Carly-Jane has also taught at a boys’ school in Samoa and an academic selective school and has marked the Modern History and Society and Culture HSC.

Carly-Jane is a councillor for the Camden-Campbelltown TA. She delivers courses for Federation’s Centre for Professional Learning and contributes to JPL, the Journal of Professional Learning.

Carly-Jane understands effective support for accreditation and quality teaching is essential for all teachers at each stage of their career for the state to attract and retain excellent educators in all of our public schools.

Kelly Anderson

As a secondary English and history teacher, I work within the standards on a daily basis and believe they are an important acknowledgement of the work teachers engage in.

Having worked in both western and south western Sydney public schools during my career, I have been able to work with a diverse range of students and school communities. I believe this experience would be valuable to bring towards representing teachers on the Quality Teaching Council.

I am a BOSTES-accredited teacher, achieving Proficiency at the beginning of 2009. I am in my second maintenance period and understand the requirements of both gaining and maintaining accreditation at Proficient teacher status.

I have experience working with, and delivering courses by endorsed providers. Both my current school, Rooty Hill HS, and Federation are registered to deliver accredited courses. As a Federation Project Officer I had the opportunity to deliver professional learning sessions on Gaining and Maintaining Accreditation and was able to field a range of questions about the processes involved in achieving accreditation.

I have supervised practicum students who are working towards achieving graduate teacher standards and have mentored colleagues by supporting them to achieve their accreditation.

I have represented Federation at a Price Waterhouse Coopers inquiry into streamlining the electronic processes for BOSTES accreditation. I have attended courses on being able to achieve Accreditation at Highly Accomplished and Lead. As a result, I have a solid understanding of the requirements needed to undertake these levels
of accreditation.

I value the importance of being a preselected candidate by Federation for the Quality Teaching Council and would bring knowledge and experience to the role.

Bianca Marie Low

As a primary teacher, the BOSTES Australian Professional Standards for Teachers guide my everyday work and strengthen my practice and my profession.

As a Federation endorsed candidate, I believe that representing teachers on the BOSTES Quality Teaching Council is an opportunity to ensure that professional learning, accreditation processes and other initiatives to support quality teaching, are developed in such a way that all teachers, regardless of the school size, location or socio-economic status, are supported and valued.

I view teacher accreditation as essential in protecting and promoting public education and in lifting the professional status of all teachers in the public forum.

As an inner city teacher whose classroom is typified by diversity I understand that professional development opportunities equip teachers with the tools to build a better future for their students, and that it is vital that these opportunities are accessible, affordable and applicable.

Along with my work in the classroom as an accredited teacher and practicum supervisor, engagements with Federation have allowed me to work with teachers from all over NSW, from the coast to the far west, broadening my ideology about teaching and extending my knowledge of educational best practice.

I have delivered workshops and seminars in Gaining and Maintaining Accreditation with BOSTES, Planning and Programming in a Primary Setting, and Practical Classroom Management.

Further, I have assisted teachers with gaining access to professional learning in both metro and regional areas, addressed concerns around workload, supported negotiations around classroom observation practices, and provided advice around accreditation and early career support.

I have also supported principals through the transitions around BOSTES requirements, in particular in their role as the Teacher Accreditation Authority.

I understand the different challenges faced by my teacher colleagues at all stages of their career and believe that this experience will strengthen my contributions to the Quality Teaching Council.

I seek your support and your consideration.

Alex Lau

I am a primary school teacher, having been accredited as Proficient from 2013 and am currently in my first maintenance period. I have a thorough understanding of the requirements of gaining and maintaining accreditation at Proficient teacher status.

My experience within schools includes working in a variety of schools throughout south and south-west Sydney. My current position is as a classroom teacher at Burwood Public School.

As a Federation Project Officer, I had the opportunity to more broadly understand the demands of the gaining and maintaining process for teachers in both primary and secondary settings.

This included speaking with teachers in a variety of employment situations (i.e. casual, temporary or permanent) and listening to the experiences of our colleagues. I have also delivered professional learning sessions related to accreditation and mentored colleagues within my school throughout the process.

I would bring my understanding and experience of accreditation to the Quality Teaching Council and am honoured to be a preselected candidate of Federation.