Retirees co-opted on Gonski

Local coordinator Christine Paulinich (second from left) talks to Enid Hokin, Shirley Bains and Marie Muir about the campaign.

Retired teachers are being called on to help with the campaign to secure the fifth and sixth years of Gonski needs-based funding from the Federal Government.

Australian Education Union local coordinators Christine Paulinich and Jessie Wotton encouraged members at the September 11 meeting of the Retired Teachers Association (RTA) to sign up. They were invited by RTA secretary Allan West to talk about how retired teachers could assist the push for full funding of the Gonski model.

Retired teachers are a valuable asset to Federation campaigns as they understand teacher issues and often have more time to devote to volunteering than their working colleagues.

Having significant conversations with their peers and the wider community, retired teachers are able to drive home the substantial difference Gonski funding is having in their local public schools based on unmet need of their students.

Spreading the word through local community groups, which include the grandparents of school age children, ensures that the importance of the Commonwealth Government funding years five and six of the NSW Gonski agreement is spread far and wide.

Already notable improvements are being seen by parents and teachers. These stories are being made available to local school communities.