Danger and dollars

Theo Bougatsas

Kate Lee and Melissa Parke with APHEDA chairperson Angelo Gavrielatos

Aid work can be dangerous, guest speaker at the annual APHEDA dinner in Sydney on September 7 can attest.

West Australian MP Melissa Parke outlined her work on a number of humanitarian projects in places such as Kosovo, Cambodia and Gaza. She recounted the many dangers she faced including a bombing of Gaza by Israeli forces.

Ms Parke indicated the victims of humanitarian disasters are the poor and noted the ALP’s policy not to overturn the stop the boat policy was not reflective of her own viewpoint. She cited her belief non-government organisations are best deliverers of aid.

The opening address was provided by APHEDA chairperson Angelo Gavrielatos.

APHEDA provides significant aid to a number of projects around the world on behalf of the Australian union movement. The evening’s dinner raised several thousand dollars.