Making merry with maths

'I loved the session about the use of technology’

Kathy Deacon
CPL Director

Dr Catherine Attard (standing) and course participants engaged in a game of Mabble, with the aim of gaining the highest points by completing number sentences in a Scrabble-like fashion

The use of mobile technologies to enhance teaching and learning was covered in a one-day workshop conducted in Surry Hills and Kingswood this year.

The Maths Years 5–8: Engagement and Middle Years Mathematics course explored findings from current research on student engagement with mathematics.

Western Sydney University mathematics education senior lecturer and Education Knowledge Network director Dr Catherine Attard designed and presented the course.

A framework for engagement with mathematics was introduced and was the foundation for the rest of the workshop.

Participants actively participated in a wide range of activities that promoted substantive engagement and the teaching of mathematics in a meaningful, relevant and fun manner.

Participant comments included:

  • “The presenter provided practical and relevant hands-on activities for use in the classroom and we were able to explore how to differentiate the tasks to cater for the varying needs of students.”
  • “I would highly recommend this course to colleagues. I loved the session about the use of technology to support teaching maths and the link to student engagement. It was engaging and motivating.”
  • “This course reinforced the importance of using concrete material in all stages of schooling, primary and secondary.”
  • “It was wonderful to connect with primary and secondary teachers and to reflect on the learning connections between stages 3 and 4.”
  • “The engagement content was most useful. I’m going to use these strategies in my classroom.”
  • “This was the best course I have attended in ages. Dr Attard is an outstanding presenter. I wish our whole staff could have attended.”

The course was a result of a partnership between the Centre for Professional Learning and the Western Sydney University Education Knowledge Network.