Word spreads as Moon crowd turns greener

Amber Flohm
Multicultural Officer/Organiser

Festival goers in the Gonski spirit. Back right: Donna Guac Ung conducted conversations with community members in several dialects

The crowd at the Cabramatta Moon Festival on September 17 was dotted with green hats and balloons, illustrating support for the full funding of the six-year Gonski needs-based schools funding model.

The green merchandise came from Fairfield Teachers Association’s very successful stall. Countless valuable conversations were conducted with parents, grandparents, young adults, tradespeople and workers from all walks of life about funding for public schools and TAFE colleges.

Activists including association President Glenn Hokin, Vice President Stella Leonida and TAFE TA President Phil Chadwick collected hundreds of signatures for the support Gonski and Stop TAFE Cuts petitions.

Donna Guac Ung, who works in Federation’s accounts section and has a Chinese, Vietnamese and Cambodian cultural background, volunteered her time to engage with local community members in ChiuChow, Cantonese, Mandarin, Vietnamese and Khmer facilitated a greater understanding of how Gonski funding was providing results in the local public schools in Cabramatta and Fairfield.

With more than 90,000 members of the public across Sydney attending the festival, support for the Gonski funding model for public schools, and that of a well-funded and accessible TAFE system was astounding.

Fairfield and Cabramatta Labor MPs Guy Zangari and Nick Lalich also dropped in to the stall to reaffirm their support for Gonski and talk to activists and community members.

The stall was part of Federation’s ongoing commitment to build genuine relationships with local communities.

Gonski leaflets are now available in Arabic, Mandarin, Cantonese, Hindi, Macedonian and Vietnamese. To organise for these leaflets to be delivered to your school, contact your local Organiser or email multicultural@nswtf.org.au.