Make the case for full Gonski agreement dollars

Henry Rajendra
NSW Targeted Seats Coordinator

As teachers readied to celebrate National Gonski Week, schools received news of their 2016 Gonski funding allocations.

After two years of Gonski needs-based funding leading to improved students’ learning outcomes, teachers know more can be achieved for student outcomes with additional dollars.

But a cloud hangs over the Gonski model’s goal to bring all students up to a minimum standard of achievement after six years because the Federal Coalition has not committed to funding the fifth and sixth years of the NSW Gonski agreement, where the bulk of funding is due to be allocated.

In the coming days, when politicians attend Gonski Week activities, which will showcase student achievements due to Gonski money, they will be called upon to support the full funding of the six-year Gonski needs-based schools funding model.

It is important that teachers, principals and parents regularly engage local politicians and make the case for full Gonski funding in order to meet the learning needs of all students.

Australian Education Union Gonski local coordinators have arranged events in their respective targeted electorates and so too Federation Organisers in non-target seats, but the most powerful campaigning will happen at events hosted in schools across the state. Teachers and principals have a great opportunity and are ideally placed to explain to parents the value and importance of the Gonski funding reforms, so they too are willing to call on their federal MP to support full funding of the Gonski model.

More and more parents and politicians are getting behind policy reforms that provide more government funding for public schools based on student need. This is because the Gonski campaign is a growing community movement radiating from each and every public school.

To support schools with campaigning during National Gonski Week, Federation has provided leaflets to schools for distribution to parents and the wider community.

Gonski Week community events

New leaflet

The latest Gonski leaflet, advancing the campaign for the full six years of Gonski funding, can be downloaded in several languages:

Simplified Chinese
Traditional Chinese