Teachers who made a difference

Sally Edsall

Administration Officer (Media and Communications)

Federation has launched the next phase in its Teachers Make a Difference campaign.

The testimonial videos feature three people from different walks of life talking about public school teachers who had a direct influence on the direction of their lives.

Peter Bailey, a tour operator, talks about Mr Ferris, his year 5 teacher, who taught him to respect and value the individual aspirations and needs of each person he encounters.


Lynelle Briggs

After a distinguished career in public service, including as the Public Service Commissioner and Medicare chief executive, Lynelle Briggs AO attributes many of the qualities she brought to her professional life to the dedication of two English teachers at Kandos High School.


Jessica Currie

Jessica Currie is an environmental officer, who has written a book for Willoughby Council about the Aboriginal heritage of that area. Jessica talks about her high school science teacher Mr Brameld, whose leadership in environmental education and Aboriginal history through the Duke of Edinburgh Award led her to her chosen field of study and career.