Wearing purple a sign of
cheer for rainbow students

BK Cullen

Rainbow young people (young people of diverse gender, sex and sexuality) are often afraid to be themselves at school for fear of discrimination, bullying, invalidation or simply due to uncertainty as to whether they will be supported and protected.

The goal of Wear it Purple Day on August 29 is for every school to be a safe space for all students, irrespective of their sexuality or gender identity.

When a school participates in Wear it Purple Day, students are made aware that their school is an environment in which they can feel safe. It is an opportunity for all members of the school community to show their support and demonstrate to rainbow young people that they embrace their right to be proud of who they are.

Wear it Purple Day is an opportunity for action, where each individual’s participation speaks volumes to rainbow students.

The idea behind Wear it Purple Day is simple: wearing purple directly shows sexuality and gender diverse young people that they are supported, respected and celebrated. The Wear it Purple Day organisation believes all young people have the right to be proud of who they are and that sexuality or gender identity does not change this. The organisation seeks to empower sexuality and gender diverse young people to know and embrace this knowledge and urge schools to be a part of this crucial support network.

Wear it Purple Day is an opportunity for schools to celebrate the diversity of each student in a manner which reflects your school community. No two schools’ Wear it Purple Days look the same!

Many schools have joined forces since the first Wear it Purple Day in 2010 and the voice of support continues to grow. In 2013, 86 schools officially participated in a number of exciting whole-school events. This number leapt from 22 in the previous year and we would love to see that number grow even further this year.

Whether you are from a school that has already committed to Wear it Purple, or are joining us for the first time, we are excited to have your school joining the cause. You are among a vast network of schools making the commitment to foster an environment which is supportive, inclusive and celebrates all students.

To host a Wear It Purple Day event in your school, TAFE or other educational setting, and to access resources available, register with Wear It Purple.

B.K. Cullen is Wear It Purple’s programs and volunteers manager and a student member of Federation.