Online survey for counsellors and DGOs

Michelle Rosicky

School counsellors and district guidance officers (DGOs) are asked to complete an online survey that will inform Federation’s input into the development of policy advice, procedures, support material and training for the new performance and development framework with the Department.

Survey responses will provide the union with a better understanding of school counsellors and DGOs’ experiences with professional learning alongside the Teacher Assessment and Review Schedule (TARS) and Executive Assessment and Review Schedule (EARS) process.

At the end of 2103 Federation members endorsed a salary settlement that provided salary increases for the next three years. As part of the settlement Federation agreed to a new approach to performance and development that will build upon and replace the existing processes outlined under the Teacher Assessment and Review Schedule (TARS), Executive Assessment and Review Schedule (EARS) and Principal Assessment and Review Schedule (PARS).

The purpose of the performance and development process is to support the improvement of student outcomes through the development of a skilled and effective workforce.

All teachers, including school counsellors and DGOs will participate in a ‘performance and development’ annual cycle inside a defined performance and development framework, for implementation in semester 1, 2015.

The online survey can be completed here until August 22.