Engage new members - new General Secretary

Kerri Carr

John Dixon: the union must deliver for members in their work as teachers.

Federation needs to continually engage with its young and newer members, new General Secretary John Dixon said.

“As a former Membership Officer and an Organiser representing casual and temporary teachers I’m very conscious that the union needs to engage these members in all our activities to build on the activism of earlier generations of members and activists.”

Mr Dixon was elected unopposed to the position.

He takes up the position as the union is set to harmonise its rules to facilitate state and federal coverage of the union’s members, and undertake the “largest structural organisational review in a generation”.

He said the purpose of the review was to make sure the union continued to grow and represent members regardless of the circumstances.

“The union has been well-maintained and is in a good position, however, there’s no doubt significant outside forces, nationally and internationally, are working against the union movement,” he said.

Mr Dixon sees the General Secretary’s role as crucial to ensuring the Federation operates effectively and efficiently so the union is well-equipped to deal with challenges, and that the union’s structures and processes maximise the ability to strongly campaign for members and public education.

“It is a great honour to become General Secretary of one of the most successful unions in the country, but it’s a huge responsibility,” Mr Dixon said.

“I am always conscious of the enormous trust that our members place in our union every day of their working lives, and so the union must deliver for members in their work as teachers.”

“The majority of the union’s funds come from our members’ subscriptions so the union needs to make sure it is open and transparent with the decisions it takes when spending our members’ subscriptions,” he also said.

Mr Dixon has been the Assistant General Secretary (Communications and Administration) for the past 10 years.

He pioneered and produced internet statewide broadcasts and vodcasts, initiated major reforms in the operation of the Communications room to deal with members’ enquiries, and was responsible for the development of Federation’s websites, tablet and phone apps, social media platforms and SMS.

He has played a leading role in the union’s recruitment campaigns and was the architect of the switch to direct debit payments for membership fees campaign.

Nominations to fill the Assistant General Secretary (Communications and Administration) vacancy are open.