Organisational review

Federation is conducting a major organisational review of its operations in the run up of the next Officer elections at the end of 2015.

The review will be undertaken by the Rules and Structures Committee with the assistance of two elected teachers from the union’s Executive.

The union is now seeking submissions from Officers, staff, Federation Councillors, local Associations and individual members.

Any structural or organisational review must have as its central core the following three key objectives:

  • A campaigning focused activist union.
  • A strong communications strategy with our members, the wider community and political leaders.
  • A sound financial/legal base driven by increased recruitment of new members and sound, efficient work practices that are sustainable in the long term.

It is envisaged that any organisational and staffing review will need to address the support staffing mix as well.

Terms of reference

1. The Committee will undertake a review and evaluation of the extent to which, and the effectiveness of the means by which:

a) the union’s operations have contributed to the pursuit of the union’s priorities, including campaigns, as well as support for the effective recruitment and retention of members

b) the practices and processes of the Federation are consistent with reasonable norms and expectations of transparency and accountability

c) ongoing compliance with relevant state and national legislation is achieved.

2. The Committee will consider submissions, including input from staff, Officers, interested members and where appropriate both internal and external advisors; provide independent advice and make recommendations, through evidence and evaluation, including trend and comparative data, to assist the Federation in identifying:

a) areas in which practices, performance, and outcomes could/should be improved, including in relation to practices and performance of comparable unions, approaches to assuring and improving outcomes, for example, member recruitment and retention

b) organisational risk factors including the mitigation of imperfect processes and systems, health and safety of workers, vulnerability and adequacy of systems, including the protection of member data.

3. The Committee will carefully consider:

a) the current officer establishment and the extent to which the purposes, roles, functions and allocations reflect the priorities of the union and best meet the needs of the current and potential membership

b) the current staff establishment and the extent to which the purposes, roles, functions and allocations reflect the priorities of the union.

4. The Committee will consider the union’s facilities, equipment and technologies including:

a) the appropriateness of leased and owned property — both regional and metropolitan

b) the adequacy of equipment and technologies, including effective usage, required to meet the union’s priorities

c) the adequacy and suitability of any specialist workspaces, for example the City/Country Organisers’ area.

Time frame of the review

The Rules and Structures Committee will conduct the review over the next four to six months and report back to the Executive in term 4, 2014.

This would enable an Executive proposal and recommendation to proceed to Council early in 2015. This would be well before the Professional/Administrative Officers’ elections in August/September, 2015.


  • Submissions should be in writing, addressed to the Rules and Structure Committee and emailed to June Williamson marked for the attention of the Rules and Structure Committee.
  • Submissions will be treated as confidential unless the individual informs the Committee at the time otherwise.
  • Submissions close Friday October 17, 2014.