Palestinian residents walk beside a damaged UN school at the Jabalia refugee camp in the northern Gaza Strip after the area was hit by Israeli shelling on July 30.

APHEDA seeks donations for emergency relief

Union Aid Abroad-APHEDA is seeking monetary donations to support emergency relief to Palestinian families in the Gaza Strip affected by the Israeli military attacks in July.

Funds will be disbursed to APHEDA’s Palestinian partners (MA’AN Development Centre, the Gaza Red Crescent Society and the Middle East Children’s Alliance) to provide emergency food parcels and medical relief, as well as to strengthen the food security options for Palestinian families throughout the Gaza Strip.

The overseas aid agency of the Australian Council of Trade Unions (ACTU) reports nearly 520,000 people have been displaced due to the destruction of their homes and violence, the majority of whom are sheltering in UNRWA schools and other facilities. 44 per cent of the Gaza Strip has been declared a no-go zone, forcing people to leave their houses and belongings and seek shelter elsewhere.

Union Aid Abroad-APHEDA’s website states the office of long-term partner organisation MA’AN Development Centre was damaged by airstrikes, shattering windows and destroying the front gate.

Food security and water projects in partnership with MA’AN have been affected, with damage to greenhouses and animal units being reported. The full extent of the damage is still unknown due to the ongoing military activity in the area.

The Gaza Red Crescent Society reports medicines are running out in their medical facilities.

The El-Wafa hospital, which is supported by Union Aid Abroad-APHEDA, had to evacuate all patients due to Israeli shelling on July 18 that left critical damage to the rehabilitation hospital. Patients have been transferred to an over-crowded and under-resourced medical clinic.

How to donate

  • Online at via the secure online donation form
  • Phone 1800 888 674
  • Mail to Level 3, 377 Sussex St, Sydney NSW 2000.
  • Gaza collection raises $4100

    A bucket collection held at Council on Saturday August 2 brought in $2039.35 for humanitarian relief to the people of Gaza in the current crisis. The General Secretary authorised Federation to match this amount, and a cheque for $4100 was forwarded to Union Aid Abroad-APHEDA’s Gaza Appeal for medical supplies for patients at the Red Crescent Society and hospitals and for emergency food vouchers and items such as milk and staple foodstuff to families displaced by the bombings.