No shortcuts or compromises.

Give green light to
six years of Gonski

Tim Horstead
Cindy Koletsis-Tatt
Singleton HS

The Gonski education reforms were the focus of federal MP Joel Fitzgibbon’s visit to Singleton High School on July 29.

While sharing morning tea with their local MP teachers expressed their support for the Gonski schools funding recommendations.

Programs being developed at the school with Gonski dollars are integral to students’ successful integration into the workforce and their productive engagement in a changing community.

Mr Fitzgibbon was told to ensure the students get the maximum benefit, there must be no shortcuts or compromises to the Gonski proposals. They demanded that the funds underpinning the six-year NSW Gonski agreement be provided in full.

Singleton High School’s community deserves the best from its school and from the governments that represent it.