Working, learning conditions survey

Mary Fogarty
Research Officer

Questions about school structures, facilities and maintenance.

Federation is conducting a review of the working and learning conditions in NSW public schools.

As part of the review, an online survey has been developed to assist Federation Representatives and Workplace Committees to identify issues associated with school structures, facilities and maintenance that have a negative impact on the learning environment for students and the working conditions of teachers.

In particular teachers have raised serious concerns about the failure of the Government to take action to remove and replace about 48,000 unflued gas heaters in schools. This is despite research which found that classroom exposure to unflued gas heaters causes increased respiratory symptoms.

Both teaching and learning are impeded in schools with inadequate or unsafe facilities, resources and space. Where the survey identifies risks to the health and safety of students and teachers, Organisers will assist Federation Representatives and Workplace Committees to pursue minimising the risks with the Department.

The deadline for the survey has been extended to September 12.