Prac supervision rate negotiations

John Dixon
General Secretary

Pleasing progress has been made to date in negotiations with universities in NSW about practicum supervision payments.

Federation believes agreements can be reached over the next school term to determine new arrangements for 2015 with most, if not all, universities.

The practicum supervision rate paid by universities to teachers has not been increased for more than 20 years.

Agreements are being sought with universities which would significantly increase the daily rate paid to supervising teachers and, in addition, some other non-salaried remuneration for supervising teachers, such as:

  • some hours of practicum supervision and mentoring of student teachers count as registered professional development with the Board of Studies, Teaching and Educational Standards.
  • supervision of student teachers could count as units/modules in higher diplomas and degrees for those teachers who wish to undertake further studies.

Therefore, Federation advises members to continue to undertake practicum supervision based on previous practice at your school. Remember, practicum supervision is a voluntary task and you cannot be compelled to supervise a student teacher.