Jobs.nsw problems on radar

Jen Dive
Relieving Industrial Officer

Federation is to address problems with the jobs.nsw website at an upcoming meeting with the Department of Education and Communities.

The union is also to conduct a member survey regarding jobs.nsw.

During 2013 the Department of Education and Communities ceased using the jobs@det website for job applications and recruitment processing. This was as a result of the NSW Government directing all government agencies to use one central recruitment website, jobs.nsw. Federation engaged in briefing meetings at the time of the transition to the new website.

Recently, increasing numbers of Federation members have complained about aspects of the website. The most concerning issues are members experiencing problems attaching documents to their applications, being unable to deliberately detach documents and accidently detaching documents. Most often this has resulted in the member having an incomplete application submitted at the time of the advertisement closing. Subsequently, convenors have been seeking advice from the Department’s Staffing unit to clarify if they can contact the applicant to advise her/him that their application is incomplete and to rectify the situation.

Federation also holds concerns over the intersection of jobs.nsw guidelines and the Department’s Selection Panel Procedures. At this point in time, it is Federation’s view that the advice issued to convenors and applicants is inconsistent and is creating confusion in the recruitment process.

On previous occasions when Federation has made representations on behalf of individuals, the Department has advised Federation that there are guides on their Career Centre website ( which employees can follow to ensure attachments remain on their application. Members are urged to pay particular attention to the following links on the Departments Career Centre website when applying for positions through jobs.nsw:

  • Applicants guide to using jobs.nsw for school positions part 1
  • Applicants guide to using for school positions part 2
  • Submitting attachments with your application — taking care not to delete.

    Where members can identify that the selection panel procedures have not been followed, members should immediately contact Federation Communications on 1300 654 367 or their local Organiser.